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Strategies - How to Play Blackjack

Let us assume you know rules of the Blackjack game. After you have got 2 cards, look at the table. Find your combination that matches to one of the suggested steps. Step “H” in the table means hit, if there “D” it means you should make double down, step “S” means you should stand, and P means to split. If there is “R” it means surrender, but you will not be able to find a table with this opportunity at the most of tables. If you choose surrender, you get half of your initial bet.

Blackjack strategies how to play and win in online casino

If you get a pair in blackjack, you can split cards up and play as a separate hand. Note, you should always split Aces, but don't split strong pair of 10s. To double your chances to win, you should memorize how your pairs play and other combinations. By the end of the deck you will know what cards dealer has. That is a great possibility to increase your bets and when you have more chances to win, having in memory the rest of almost all cards.

When you get soft total cards, it means that one of cards you have is an Ace. If you have a soft total cards you should take more cards, but if you have got 19 or higher, you may stop taking cards.

If you have 8 or less, you shold always hit. If you have between 9-11 and dealer has between 3 and 6, you may double down before taking more cards. If delaer has 10 or 11 don't double your wages, just hit the card. If you have between 12 and 17, that is more comblicated situation, turn your attention on the table you see at the left.

If you are ready to try your luck playing blackjack, you may review some casions which provides good conditions for Blackjack game players.